This is our final year at Bath Spa University, and the Hatched blog is a record of our journey towards the Free Range Show in July 2011.
The countdown begins, and the work is forming...
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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Darragh Boyd

Artist of the Week - 6th July

Darragh Boyd


My text pieces and utopian abstract painted forms reveal a desire for a universal unifying order, the disembodied expressions of the texts meaning to instil in the viewer the idea of a greater potential of society, not accepting the death of the age of honest indignation. The work uses literary devices and turns, changing tone from piece to piece – from cynical to revolutionary, poetic and political, and at times questioning the function of art itself – but always trying to rise above the rabble. There is also an importance placed upon the multiplicity of meaning, with the works intending to present a certain level of ambiguity. Effort is made in seeming at once both direct and vague, with no single piece having one single meaning or connotation.

Private View Thursday 7th

So the time has come... we are rushing around trying to get ready for tomorrow's private view..
which starts at 6pm!!

Come along for free drinks, an exclusive live performance in the project space, to meet new people and to see lots of new and exciting art work of course!

We hope to see you all there.

Also, check out out website, created by Mike Mitchell

We  love it!

The exhibition runs from Thursday 6pm - Monday 11th July.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Seventy Feet in London 7th July

BSAD Degree Show 2011

The BSAD Degree Show is over and done with now. A big thank you to those who came to see the work. It was a great turn out and a positive outcome for us all.

For those who didn't make it, here's a snippet of what you missed, but also a sneaky peak into what will be at the Seventy Feet show in July...

Nick Stamp

Amreen Khan
Sara-Jane Sweetenham

Jenny Cooper

Darragh Boyd

Beryl Desmond

Lauren Hudson
Michala Pike
Megan Hoyle

Natalia Komis

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Rachel Evans

Artist of the Week - 8th May 2011

Arm Span Drawing (Film Still)

My practice is centred equally around drawing and painting, in particular the process of making the work, however, my current practice concentrates on drawing. I am interested in the actual physical act and action of mark making which demands direct body action. My drawings are the products of these actions of my body in extension documenting the physical movements of my body and my body's dimensions.
 Working on large scale paper with graphite I draw and record my body's physical actions and dimensions through natural, energetic gestures that are repetitive and may become quite automated. These gestural actions requiring complete concentration and also generate sounds and therefore have developed into performance. Each drawing "catches" a moment in time and is different from any other being influenced by the preparations, materials used and the state of mind at the moment of creation like that of Asia art and Zen Drawing.

As far as i can reach standing
(graphite on fabriarno)

Monday, 2 May 2011

Kayleigh Peett

Artist of the Week - 1st May 2011

I use paper as a means of exploring and creating a relationship between image and text, fragility and sensuality and the narratives of material properties of the paper; fragility, purity and communication. 
All of my work is hand cut as the imperfections that show are a big part of the working practice, it shows my relationship with materials and the tools I use and the processes of transformation a drawing or a sheet of paper undergoes before it is evolved into a new image. The fact that a viewer can observe such a transformation is of significance as it explicates my intentions behind the making of the work.