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Sunday, 27 March 2011

Jenny Cooper

Artist of the Week - 27th March 2011

'80 Found Objects in Slide Cases' 2010, dimensions variable.

“An artist is like an alchemist, he can turn worthless things into gold.”
James Putnam, paper presented at Provenance Symposium, October 2010.
I aim to uncover the un-noticed, ignored and valueless. My practice is concerned with forcing the viewer to look and notice in different ways.
An object or a moment can be transformed when highlighted and given significance. I often use lighting or projection to paint objects in a fresh light, authenticating the things I select in the way that they are collated and presented. I frequently set parameters for the activity of collecting, and the assembled groups of ‘worthless’ objects take on dynamic new forms and meanings through installations, drawings and projections.
'All That Glitters Is Not Gold' 2010, interactive overhead projection with found objects, dimensions variable.

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